Optimization of the workspace

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Technology in the workspace

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Flexible lease spaces

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Workspace Strategy

1. Workspace Analysis

  • Understand the present way of working
  • Understand the Culture & Values
  • Online surveys, personal interviews

2. Rethink the Space

  • Redesign the workspace
  • Enhance space well-being
  • Improve occupancy footprint

3. Welcome the Future

  • Workspace strategy manual
  • New ways of work guide


1. Workspace Design

  • Design the workspace
  • Define materials and finishings

2. Building the Space

  • Plan works execution
  • Contract providers
  • Project management
  • Site supervision

3. Plug & Play

  • Manage and assist your moving to the new workspace

Change Management

1. Risk Analysis

  • Understand the risks of the change
  • Online surveys, personal interviews

2. Have a Plan

  • Create Ambassadors for Change group
  • Communication strategy & plan
  • Marketing actions plan

3. Make it Happen

  • Plan implementation
  • Workshops
  • Process monitoring & final report


COVID-19 Solutions

Are you prepared for people to return to the office?

  • Social Distancing
  • Personal Booking App
  • Contact Tracing
  • Air Quality

Employees expect a healthy and secure environment. We create a data-driven workplace and implement a social distancing strategy or technology-driven contact tracing. What about air quality? Have full control over the quality of the air in the office and offer a healthy environment that minimizes the spread of contagions.

Workspace Analytics

An enterprise-grade BI tool for analyzing and optimizing workplaces using proprietary or third-party sensors. Analyzing data about workspace, parking occupancy and wellbeing.


Wireless sensors collect data about occupancy (workstation, room, parking lot), indoor environment (temperature, humidity, CO2) or indoor positioning.

Workspace & Meeting Room App

Maximizing the workspace transparency and boosting employee experience by giving them their workspace in the palm of their hand.


For occupiers

Space Finder

We use our global connections and portfolio to find your space with prestigious owners, sub-leases, flexible providers and brokers around Europe, meeting your unique workspace needs.

Design & Build

We design and build your office according to your corporate values and image, with the intention of improving your workforce well-being and increase productivity.

Facilities Management

We will manage your space with the services you need, which can evolve over the time, always meeting your requirements.

For landlords

Project Advisory

Speak with any of our qualified advisors to put your project on the go. From preparing an initial brief to competitively tendering a full concept, we will provide you with the best tools to take the best decisions.

Design & Build

We are able to complement our service lines by designing and building your space, with the intention of matching the occupier fit-out needs, always considering the latest trends.

Marketing & Leasing

Having your space ready and beautiful it's not enough. We are exclusive in the industry in our data-driven approach to pricing and market positioning. All our tools are here to guarantee your space is fully let.

Operation Management

We have a completely custom-built operational service covering facilities management, wellbeing, and tech services to enable a complete user experience and let you not worry about a thing.

Who we are.

Our Values

WORKSPACESOLUTIONS.TECH mission is to empower companies with workspace design and management solutions to optimize space, providing key utilization and behavioral data, supported technology & workplace strategy.

As a technology backed company we do rely on DATA. Transparency is key for us and most importantly to help our clients to base their decisions in exact figures and not only impressions.

FLEXIBILITY is becoming more and more important everyday. As a result of that, we understand that it is fundamental for our business not only to be flexible in the way we approach our ideas but also to bring flexibility to our clients.

We do take problems seriously, however our attention is fully dedicated on the SOLUTIONS. We understand how important it is to have our clients worries solved and evolve with their business.




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